Celebrating Siblings: the Burke Siblings

Ryan is one of five siblings including Meghan, Jessica, Shane, and Amy. Ryan also has two brothers-in-law: Chad and Chris. Ryan is 23 years old. He is the fourth youngest sibling of the five. Ryan loves ABBA, Broadway shows, and movies. Ryan works at a nearby high school. Ryan also has Down syndrome. The following questions were drafted by SLN member Meghan Burke for her brother Ryan.

A photo of the Burke siblings

(1) Who is your funniest sibling?
My funniest sibling is Amy because I like her so much.

(2) Who is the sibling that you like to go out to eat with?
My sibling that I like to go out to eat with is Meghan and Chad.

(3) Who is the sibling that you like to go to plays with?
My sibling that I like to see plays with is Jessica and Chris.

(4) Who is the sibling that you like to travel with?
My siblings that I like to travel with are Meghan, Chad, and Shane.

(5) Who is the sibling that you like to see movies with?
My sibling I like to see movies with is Shane because I love him.

(6) Who do you like to visit the most?
I like to visit Meghan and Chad because i miss Meghan.

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