Celebrating Siblings: Edward and Jacquelyn

SLN Board Chair Ed O’Neill and his daughter shared their stories about Ed’s sister, Jacquelyn:

When we are together, there is never a question that my sister and I are related. We are both quick with a smart/biting responses and we are horribly sarcastic, especially to one another. This has only grown as we have been siblings for nearly 40 years. My sister always makes me laugh or can make me laugh. One of my favorite stories I tell of my sister is when I was early in my career as a teacher. I wasn’t making much and was trying to buy my first home, lots of Ramen and peanut butter was being eaten at that time. I come home after a long day to see the light on my home phone blinking noting a message. I hit the button and hear what I hear every time I talk to my sister on the phone or she leaves a message, in a short direct manner “Edward this is Jacquelyn” the message continues with  “mom and dad’s anniversary is coming up. We should send them to Hawaii for it, that would be nice, please put my name on the card –bye.” After a moment of being just stunned, I began to laugh hysterically. My fiancé at the time comes in and asks me what is going on, I say nothing and just replay the message. We laughed a lot that week listening to that message. I have had big drag out fights with my sister, because she is my sister and that is what siblings do, argue/fight. My sister is my only sibling so I didn’t have any other experience to compare to, this is just how we are. I love my sister because she always has the ability to make me laugh, and is always the first person to “give it back to me” in an argument.

Jacquelyn O'Neill and her niece.

Auntie J is awesome. I like swimming with her and going to the movies. We always go to the movies when I see her when she comes to visit. She knows so much about movies and movie theaters. I like when we go to the movies, she sits with me and she tells my dad what to do. It is funny to watch my Auntie J, tell my dad what to do. She makes him go get us popcorn, candy and stuff like that. We sit together and she tells him to move over and give us space to talk.

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