Celebrating Siblings: Barb and Nick

by Barb Sapharas

Photo of Nick Sapharas behind a car.As a sibling, I learned at an early age that if I could do something, so could Nick-we just had to figure out how. When I turned 16, I drove. Two years later, my brother Jim turned 16  and drove. Then two years later, Nick turned 16 and told Jim and me that he wanted to drive. I was not sure this could happen. One day, Jim said, “Okay, today Nick drives. Let’s get the car.” Jim and I had a VW Beetle (our mother did not drive). I was very leery-what were they talking about? Outside we went, in the back yard, and pulled our VW out of the garage. We took Nick out of his wheelchair and put him in the driver’s seat.  Of course, when you drive you have to look cool-so Nick had to wear a ‘cool’ jacket and sunglasses. We got a camera and took several photos-please note that the keys are in the ignition. We tried but Nick’s right hand would not stay on the gear shift! Anyway, a week later, we picked up the photos from the drugstore and showed our mother how Nick drove our car. I don’t think I have to describe our mother’s reaction! We had to keep telling her that the car did not move and that it was in the back yard. I think Nick’s expression says it all, though, he drove and experienced the status of a 16 year old-in the car with car keys. Siblings often creatively provide experiences and opportunities, and find joy in the little moments of fun and memory-making!

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