Diversity and Social Justice

The Diversity and Social Justice Committee is dedicated to making connections between the sibling movement and other social justice movements in an effort to support a more diverse membership of the SLN and build a strong community that values creativity, mutual learning, respect, and love. The Diversity and Social Justice Committee is responsible for:

  • Developing and delivering an interactive educational session for the National Sibling Leadership Network Conference regarding the topics of social justice and diversity
  • Creating, distributing, and updating a guide for SLN Chapters to recruit and engage a diverse membership
  • Identifying opportunities to connect and partner with other social movements that are relevant to sibling’s needs and goals
  • Supporting ongoing learning about social justice issues among SLN membership
  • Lifting up the voices and stories of siblings representing diverse identities

Email: diversity.inquiries@siblingleadership.org

The Diversity and Social Justice Committee has produced the following documents as part of their efforts to support a diverse sibling membership and make connections with other social justice movements.