How to Get Involved in the SLN



We welcome everyone’s involvement in the SLN. Whether you are a sibling, family member, self-advocate, professional or sibling supporter, we invite you to be a part of a growing movement that aims to advocate, support and disseminate valuable information for siblings of persons with disabilities and their families.

Getting involved in the SLN is easy! 

  • Become a member! Membership is free and easy!
  • Join a committee! We encourage SLN members to join one of our committees, which are listed here.
  • Who should join, and why
  • Donate!
  • Join the SLN Board of Directors! These leaders set the vision for the future of the SLN and are instrumental in ensuring that the work of the organization gets done through volunteering their time and talents. If you would like to hone your leadership skill through serving on the SLN Board of Directors, contact for more info.
  • Fill out our SLN Photo Release form to share your sibling pictures with us! 

All of this information can also be found in PDF format, which you can download here.