Resources for Researchers

 The SLN works to promote two research goals:

(1)  To increase the visibility and accessibility of sibling research

(2)  To increase awareness about including siblings in research about individuals with disabilities and their families.

Increasing the visibility and accessibility of sibling research

We have created several documents. The following briefs provide highlights from the latest research regarding siblings of people with disabilities.

1)  SLN Adult Siblings Research Brief

2) SLN Young Siblings Research Brief

We have also produced a sibling bibliography of research articles about siblings with and without disabilities.

3) Sibling Bibliography

The last document is a more detailed excel worksheet describing sibling research.

4) Excel Spreadsheet The articles span from 1962 to 2016. Included in the Excel sheet is a brief synopsis of the characteristics of each article including:

  • Type of disability of the sibling
  • Age range of the sibling
  • Topic addressed
  • Type of data collected
  • Research Design
  • Citation information

By having a database of sibling research, we hope that you can more easily find articles of interest.

Please feel free to share either of these documents. We suggest the following citation:

Sibling Leadership Network. (2016). Bibliography for Sibling Research. Retrieved from


Increasing the Inclusion of Siblings in Disability Research

We hope to support fellow sibling researchers by providing a forum to share ideas and receive feedback. We work with sibling researchers and researchers interested in sibling issues to find appropriate recruitment methods and develop quality research programs.

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