Sibling Blogs

Check out these great blogs written by siblings, for siblings! If you write a blog, or know of anyone who is blogging about sibling issues, please let us know! Email

*Note:  The SLN recognizes that while there may be common themes in our stories, there is no singular, definitive sibling experience. The views expressed on these blogs are those of the authors, not of the SLN. We value the diverse array of perspectives, but we do not necessarily endorse or support them all. We share them with you here to expand the dialogue and our collective understanding of what it means to be a sibling.

A Wish Come Clear – Caroline McGraw

Sibling Stories – Don Meyer’s Sibling Support Project

Future 2.0 – Kate Fialkowski

Awe in Autism – Susan Hamovitch

The Wizard of Audj – Audrey Sunu

Disability Fieldnotes – Liz Lewis is an anthropologist who writes on intersectional disability issues.

Emma’s Blog – Emma is a sibling who currently lives in Boston. Her brother, Micah, is a self advocate working at Syracuse University.

Sibs’ Journey Project – Three college students travel across the country interviewing siblings of people with disabilities to gain more insight on what the sibling experience means.

Supersiblings – This blog focuses on supporting siblings of people with autism. The group will soon offer resources like mentoring and goal-setting groups.

Say Hello, Yellow – Christiana and Harriet Redman share their experiences being a sister and mom, respectively, to Phillip.

Scott and Amanda Taking the World by Storm! – Amanda is a sibling to a brother who has autism, and they share their experiences. They also have a Facebook under Siblings with Autism Blog. They love getting questions from other siblings and helping people out.  

MiraculousTwin – Jennifer Jeans

TheMcTwins – Katie McNamara