Why Andrea Always Picks Up the Phone When Her Brother Calls: A Story of a Sibling Bond

Sib Stories

In an article on The Lily, sibling Andrea Platten reflects on her relationship with her brother Joseph, who has Down syndrome. “It is hard, just like any human relationship can be,” she writes. “I still consider my bond with Joseph the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
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My brother has Down syndrome. Here’s why I always pick up when he calls.

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  • My brother is intellectually disabled. I, too, feel like I hit the jackpot with his unconditional love and care. I went through some dark times when I didn’t care muxh about myself, but he did! I get those multiple phone calls a day and sometimes I answer and say “What?”but then I feel guilty because he only ever calls to tell me he loves me. I really am a lucky one!


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