Celebrating Sibling Love on Valentine’s Day!

Sib Stories

Here at the Sibling Leadership Network, we’re all about celebrating the bond between siblings. And what better time to share a little sib love than Valentine’s Day? We asked members of our board and committees to share why they love their sib, and today, we’re sharing their answers with all of you!

I love my sibling(s) because…

“…she reminds me that it’s the small moments that often matter most.” – Kara Sellix
“…he laughs at me and reminds me that life is about happiness, love and hope.” – Shea Tanis
"I love my brother "...he’s curious, observant, sensitive and makes me feel loved." - Emma Shouse Photo of Emma and her brother touching heads and smiling.
“…she allows me to see the magic in everything; the world, love, Santa Claus, and me included.” – Katz Laf
“…he is so sweet and funny. Michael is always saying nice things to people, but then he often follows it up with some hilarious comment.  The other day he said to a peer how beautiful her sweater was and then when she thanked him, he said ‘I bet I made your day, didn’t I?’  He also hugs and kisses me every time he sees me.” – Nora Handler
“…she’s awesome and amazing.” – Julie Polansky
"I love my siblings because they taught me to see the world in many different ways." Photo of Sandra and her siblings smiling at a graduation ceremony.
“…she helps me to appreciate the everyday joys in life.” – Lindsey Polansky
“…she never gives up and never backs down. She is one of the toughest and most stubborn people I know.” – Ed O’Neill
“…he sees the good in every person and situation.” – Meghan Burke
"I love my sibling because he is always happy and makes me smile no matter what." - Nathan Grant. Photo of Nathan and Nik smiling for the camera
“…because Natalie’s smile lights up my day, which make me know that she is happy and feels loved.” – Julie Neward
“…she is fun-loving, confident, optimistic, and hard-working. It is impossible not to laugh when she is laughing.” – Amy Halm
“…she always makes me feel loved when I am around. She is unable to say it, but she always manages to find a way to make me feel it!” Lindsay Hyland
""I love my brother because he is so loving, silly, and unique. He always makes my day better, no matter what. He's so smart and full of cool facts. He's fun to talk to. My sibling loves me because my hair is long and fun to play with, and I'm always there to take care of him." - Nicole Alovis. Photo of Nicole and her brother smiling for the camera.
“…because he was my very first teacher of unconditional love.” – Lisa Matthews-Martin
“…even though he’s been gone for 15 years, his legacy reminds me to be open to great possibilities in everyone I meet.” – Kalyn Farris
“…because he can always remind me of what is important in life – family! Ben is always happy to see me and his nephew, regardless of the mood he is in.” – Mary Hayden
"I love my sister because she's so good to me and she's a very nice person to be with." - Daphne Ron. "I love my sister because there is no one else who calls me every day just to check in and see what's going on and there is no one else who is as delighted to see me as she is." - Tamar Heller. Photo of Daphne and Tamar sitting together at a table at a restaurant.

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