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Sib2Sib: Sibling Peer Mentor Program

The Sibling Leadership Network is thrilled to launch a Sib2Sib Mentor Program for ADULT siblings of people with disabilities!

The Sib2Sib Mentor program will match adult siblings (18 and older) with each other for a one-to-one relationship to share their insights and experiences about being a sibling. Siblings often have the longest relationships of their lives with their brother or sister yet they rarely receive support or training for this unique role. We believe there is power in peer support provided by siblings to siblings. Sib mentors will connect virtually (phone, email, zoom) for a 3-month period to provide peer support and connections. Unlike traditional mentor programs, there will not be an identified Mentor and Mentee. This program will create peer mentor relationships that allow siblings to connect with another sibling and provide mutual support. A zoom training and interview will be required. If you are interested, please complete the Sib2Sib Application Form (https://forms.gle/uSpAfDeAZYkBWYMa8) by November 15.  For any questions, please contact Amy at amy.halm@siblingleadership.org

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