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SLN State Chapters Continue to Grow

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As we welcome Oregon Sibs, there are now 27 SLN state chapters. Sibling chapters are the grassroots of the national SLN. They provide state and local connections for siblings to get peer support and information. Each chapter has its own feel and flavor. 
One main purpose of sibling chapters is to provide a judgment-free atmosphere for siblings to meet each other and share their sibling experiences – a place where they can share stories that they may not be able to share with other groups.
Sibling chapters provide a space where others will listen to the concerns of each member without judging their thoughts and feelings.
Get to know each state chapter on our website, as well as how to start one in your state by reading the SLN Chapter Guide.

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  • Hi! Just wanted to share that the chapter in Texas is not active. The location where they previously had a grant did not get renewed and to my knowledge no one has picked it back up again. I used to be in contact with Nick W but Erin from TCDD (Texas council for development disabilities) informed me they are no longer active.

  • In in NYS, and will be the sibling representative on a panel in Albany training “new advocates”, Family Advocacy Institute. Its a one day event. I’m looking for advice or any suggestions. I will ready the research opportunity posted here.


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