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To learn more about starting, developing, and sustaining a chapter, please download the SLN Chapter Guide. To learn more about the SLN Diversity and Social Justice Committee’s recommendations to increase state chapter diversity, please download the Guide for State Sibling Chapters to Increase Diversity

To get in touch with any of our current state chapters, please find the contact information below.

Adult siblings of people with disabilities are encouraged to connect to the state chapter where they live and/or where their brother or sister lives.

SLN has chapters in many states. If there is not a chapter in your state and you are interested in developing one use our Contact Form to get in touch.

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Alabama: Alabama Adult Siblings Investing in Our Brothers and Sisters

We provide information, resources, and networking opportunities for adult siblings of individuals with disabilities so that we can continually invest in the quality of life and long-term well-being of our siblings.

Contact: Karen Driver,

For more information, visit the Facebook Page

Arizona: SibLink

SibLink is a community of people who have brothers and sisters with special needs. Our members support one another by sharing experiences, knowledge, and resources. Together, we are more effective advocates for our siblings, our families, and ourselves.

Contact: Nicole Zillmer,

For more information, visit:

California: California Sibling Leadership Network

CaliforniaSibs (The California Sibling Leadership Network) is rapidly growing to Inform, Support and Advocate with California Sibs. Our immediate focus is on providing meet-ups for adult Sibs, speaking at events for both families and the service provider community, and building a guide to the complex services available for our siblings in California. Come join us, or stay in touch via our website or social media links below.

Contacts: Julie Neward (Northern California) or Jaqueline Moreno (Southern California),

For more information, visit:
Use Hashtags: #CaliforniaSibs, #CASLN

Colorado: Rocky Mountain Sibs (formerly Sibling Tree)

Rocky Mountain Sibs’ vision is to give siblings of individuals with special needs a community of support where they can talk about being a sibling, as well as create ways for their voices to be heard, such as advocating for themselves and their family. If people could see special needs through siblings’ eyes, the whole world would change.

Contact: Tiffany Banks,

For more information, visit the Website and Facebook Page

Connecticut: Connecticut Sibling Network

The Connecticut Sibling Network believes that sibling lives and opinions are important and recognizes that siblings are the family members who will have the longest relationships with individuals with disabilities. While there are many positive aspects of having a disabled brother or sister, we respect that it can be a difficult journey for a sibling with unique challenges. Siblings deserve opportunities for support and understanding, as well as information and tools to advocate for their interests and the needs of their brothers and sisters with disabilities.

Contact: Mary Hayden,

For more information, visit the Facebook group.

Florida: Florida Sibling Alliance


Facebook page


Phone: 954-866-5106

Georgia: Georgia Sibling Connection

The mission of the Georgia Sibling Connection is to connect siblings of individuals with and without disabilities into conversations of creating a more just, and whole community for our families.

For more information, visit the Facebook Group.

Illinois: Supporting Illinois Brothers and Sisters – S.I.B.S.

SIBS, Inc. is a non-profit that supports people of all ages in Illinois that have a sibling with disabilities. SIBS conducts a variety of Sibshops, trainings, and gatherings for siblings and their families.
Contact: Nora Handler,
For more information, visit the WebsiteFacebook Group or Twitter.

Kentucky: Kentucky Sibling Leadership Network

KYSLN is dedicated to providing siblings of individuals with disabilities the information, support and tools to advocate with their brothers and sisters and to promote the issues important to them and their families.

For more information, visit their Facebook Group

Maryland: The Maryland Sibling Network

The Maryland Sibling Network began officially meeting in January 2014. We are a growing group of siblings of various ages and backgrounds. The Maryland Sibling Support Network is designed to assist adult siblings in connecting — in person and online — with other siblings who “get it” for support and information sharing.

Approximately 15 siblings make up the core group but we are continuing to grow.  We also have a few parents with young siblings, and professionals joining us at events and meetings.

We have hosted 2 Sibling Panels, a sibling “meet and greet” lunch and a Statewide Sibling Conference.

Contact: Rebecca Furman,

For more information, visit the Facebook Page and Facebook Group

Massachusetts: Massachusetts Sibling Support Network – MSSN

Our goal is to support siblings of people with disabilities in Massachusetts.   We offer this  support across your lifespan and we provide information, create welcoming communities for siblings, and improve access to sibling services.

For more information, visit the Website and Facebook Page

Michigan: Michigan’s Supporting and Including Brothers and Sisters -MiSIBS

Michigan SIBS exists to provide adult siblings of individuals with disabilities the information, resources, and support to advocate with/and for their brothers and sisters to promote leadership roles of siblings within the disability community.

Contact: Jennifer McFarlane,

For more information, visit the WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter, and Instagram

Mississippi: Brothers and Sisters Together

Brothers and Sisters Together provides support for siblings of people with disabilities in Mississippi and promotes advocacy to address issues facing them and their families.

Contact: Katie Nelson,

New Jersey: Supportive Initiatives for Brothers & Sisters in New Jersey -SIBS NJ

SIBS NJ is a volunteer organization based in Northern New Jersey dedicated to providing the siblings of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental health conditions with information and support. Comprised and organized by siblings and sibling supporters, SIBS NJ seeks to help siblings connect with one another and to the resources they need to help them and their siblings with disabilities live full, meaningful lives.

Contact: Kara Sellix,

For more information, visit the Facebook Page

New York: Sibs NY

SibsNY is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing the siblings of individuals with intellectual, developmental and learning disabilities with information and support. Connects siblings to services, resources, and events in the area.

Contact: Lindsay Hyland,

For more information, visit the Website and Facebook Group

North Carolina: NC Sibs

NC Sibs is a group of adult siblings of individuals with developmental disabilities and the genesis of NC’s very own chapter of the National Sibling Leadership Network. The purpose is to connect siblings with one another to provide support and information specific to the unique aspects of the adult sibling relationship. The network is currently being facilitated and grown by First In Families of NC as part of a three year initiative funded by the NC Council on Developmental Disabilities. NC Sibs seeks to provide support to adult siblings on a wide range of topics determined by members – including future planning workshops, resource sharing and increased connectedness (through in person meetings throughout NC, monthly conference calls, private support groups and the planning of a statewide conference for siblings to be held in the Spring of 2017). Visit the NC Sibs Facebook group to learn more.

Contact: Allison Dodson,

For more information visit the Facebook page.

Ohio: Ohio Sibs Special Initiatives by Brothers & Sisters

Ohio SIBS provides a unified voice and partner for Ohio adult siblings of people with developmental disabilities and their families. Ohio SIBS focuses on advocacy, education, leadership and supports to enhance quality of life, improve public policy and increase services and supports for adult siblings and their families. Holds an annual conference in November.

For more information, visit the Website and Facebook Page

Oklahoma: Oklahoma Sibling Leadership Network

Oklahoma Siblings Leadership Network seeks to connect adult siblings of people with disabilities with service providers, advocates, community members and others with an interest in serving the disability community in the state of Oklahoma. We seek to ease the transition for adults who have siblings disabilities by connecting them with resources in the community, sharing and participating in research, and by providing social support.


For more information, visit the Facebook Group.

Green Oregon sate map with holding hands and wording

Oregon: Oregon Sibling Leadership Network (Oregon Sibs)

Oregon Sibs is for siblings of people with disabilities. We also welcome those that have been involved as a sibling (e.g. cousin, aunt, etc) and identify their role being like that of a sibling. We provide a safe space to learn about ourselves as siblings, share experiences and learn together.


Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Sibling Support Network – PSSN

The mission of the Pennsylvania Sibling Support Network is to unite and support siblings with their brothers and sisters who have mental, physical and intellectual disabilities.

For more information, visit the Website and Facebook Page

South Dakota: SD Sibs – Support and Inspire Our Brothers and Sisters

Families of individuals with special needs are a main source of support for them throughout their life course. Families are often required to learn how to navigate many systems including guardianship, financial planning, medical resources, as well as community living, recreation, and work opportunities, to ensure their loved one has access to a healthy and happy life. When parents are no longer able to provide this level of support, it is typical that an adult sibling would step into that role.

In an effort to support siblings of adults with disabilities, SD SIBS was formed through a joint effort between USD Center for Disabilities and SD Parent Connection. This group is dedicated to

  • supporting individuals who have a sibling with a disability
  • addressing the needs, challenges, and successes for siblings in South Dakota and the surrounding area.

Contact: Sara Hansen,

For more information, visit the Website and Facebook Page

Tennessee: Tennessee Adult Brothers and Sisters – TABS

TN Adult Brothers and Sisters or “TABS” is supported by the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities and the TN Council on Developmental Disabilities. TABS strives to empower and educate siblings who have a brother or a sister with a disability with information and resources, and to develop local and statewide support networks of siblings. We aim to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible for all those who are siblings or supporting siblings of individuals with all types of disabilities.

Contact: Emma Shouse,

For more information, visit the Website and Facebook Page

Texas: Texas Sibling Network

The Texas Sibling Network aims to create a community for adult siblings of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our Network will provide support, resources, leadership and advocacy skill building opportunities for siblings. We are a community for siblings of people with disabilities by siblings of people with disabilities.

Contact: Nick Winges-Yanez,

For more information, visit the Website and Facebook Page

Virginia: Virginia is for Siblings

Our vision is for siblings of people with disabilities to form connections, share lived experiences, access information, utilize resources, and advocate collectively.

This is accomplished by Virginia is for Siblings through providing information, resources, and systems navigation;  hosting educational opportunities and social events; acting as a unified voice for improving public policy and increasing services and supports for people with disabilities and their families; and facilitating connections to people who have “walked in your shoes.”

Contact: Dana Yarbrough, Center for Family Involvement, (804) 828-0352

For more information, visit the Website and Facebook Page

Washington State: Washington State Sibling Network

WSSN strives to connect siblings of individuals with disabilities, creating a community of sibs who can support each other and share information and resources to address issues important to them and their families.

For more information, join the Facebook Group or contact Jamie Coonts

Washington, D.C.: DC SIBS

Established in 2010, DC Sibs is a group of adult siblings of people with I/DD who support one another through in-person meetups, ongoing virtual dialogue, and sharing resources.

Contact Lisa Matthews, or visit the Facebook Page and Twitter

Wisconsin: Wisconsibs (formerly Fox Valley Sibling Support Network – FVSSN)

Established in 1998, WisconSibs, Inc operates regularly scheduled Sibshops, Sib Camps and other sibling summer programs to children and teens. The organization provides information, peer support, social activities, and the Journey Forward future planning program for adult siblings.  We welcome any person of any age who has a sibling with disabilities or long-term health condition AND has a connection to Wisconsin (you live in Wisconsin, your sibling lives in Wisconsin, or you just like Wisconsin) to consider themselves a WisconSib.  Everyone else (parents, self-advocates, spouses, professionals, etc.) are WisconSib Fans!

Contact: Harriet Redman at or Kristin Lanari at

For more information and a schedule of programs, visit the Website and Facebook Page