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It’s easy to get involved in the ever-growing sibling movement!

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Why should you join the SLN?

  • Stronger together—become connected to siblings and sibling supporters nationwide. The SLN is dedicated to advancing causes important to the millions of siblings of people who have disabilities. The more members we have, the greater impact we will have.
  • Information is power—all members receive information and updates about our activities as well as initiatives, policy decisions and sibling related events that are important to brothers and sisters. Keep up to date on conferences and events, initiatives, policydecisions, and more.
  • Chapter connections—get information about how to connect with or create a state or local sibling chapter of the SLN.
  • Siblings matter—as our membership increases, so does SLN’s impact. The more members we have, the stronger our voice in promoting support for people with disabilities and their families.

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