SLN Position Statement on Voting

Position Statement on Voting

Please feel free to download and pass on the SLN Voting Statement!

The Sibling Leadership Network advocates for the protection of the civil right and responsibility of people with disabilities to vote.

  • The SLN encourages siblings to support their brothers and sisters with disabilities in the voting process inclusive of registering to vote, gathering relevant information on candidates and their positions on various issues, and casting private ballots. 
  • The SLN advocates for increased participation in voting by individuals with disabilities through accessible information provided by candidates and polling officials.  The SLN also advocates for access to public polling places and voting equipment.  In addition, the SLN advocates for the right of people with disabilities to cast private ballots, free from undue external influence or interference.
  • The SLN advocates for the use of alternative identification procedures to be used for voter participation in order to include disenfranchised American citizens.
  • The SLN advocates for the removal of any federal or state legislative language that would limit or restrict an individual with disabilities’ civil right to vote. The SLN believes that no level of guardianship should limit a person’s right to vote. Thus, the SLN encourages siblings and family members to be knowledgeable about state statutes and seek to change those that limit voting rights of people with disabilities.

Adopted by the Sibling Leadership Network Board of Directors on September 11, 2012.