The Don Meyer Award

Don Meyer Award Emblem

The Don Meyer Award was created at the 2019 National SLN Conference by past SLN Board members to honor Don Meyer’s legacy as he was retiring from his role as Founder and Director of the Sibling Support Project.  Don is often considered the father of sibling support.  Don created the Sibshop model and launched the first Sibshop in 1982 to offer young siblings a space of their own to have fun, receive information about the special developmental and health concerns that impact their families, and share peer support.  In 1990, he founded the Sibling Support Project, the first national program in the United States dedicated entirely to supporting brother and sisters of people with special developmental, health and mental health concerns.  Don created SibNet, the largest and longest-standing online community for adult siblings of people with disabilities.  From there, emerged SibTeen for siblings who are teenagers and Sib20 for siblings in their 20s.  Don is beloved throughout the sibling community and his vision and dedication have created a variety of opportunities for siblings of all ages to feel valued, validated and supported in their journey.

The Don Meyer Award is designed to honor an individual or organization that embodies and exemplifies the values exhibited by Don. This individual or organization will have demonstrated a deep commitment to supporting siblings of people with disabilities.  This includes promoting the value of sibling support and being innovative and persistent in creating tangible solutions that help support siblings of people with disabilities.

The 2021 Don Meyer Award

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