Under Pressure: Support for Siblings of Individuals with ASD

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Alison Kolber-Jamieson, Ed.S tells Autism Spectrum News of some of the unique pressures Sibs of individuals ASD may experience in Under Pressure: Support for Siblings of Individuals with ASD.
“Lovell and Wetherell (2016) examined the psychophysiological impact of children with ASD on siblings. Their results indicated higher levels of depression symptoms in children who had siblings on the autism spectrum when compared to children who had siblings not on the autism spectrum. Data indicated that siblings’ depressive symptoms were related to the behavior problems of their sibling, as well as social support, or lack thereof, received through the school or at home. Additional challenges for siblings include lowered self-esteem (Emerson & Giallo, 2014), increased risk of internalized behavioral problems (Meyer, Ingersoll, & Hambrick, 2011), and a heightened sensitivity to typical family stressors (Emerson & Giallo, 2014; Meyer, Ingersoll, & Hambrick, 2011).”
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