October 2009 SLN Update e-newsletter & meeting reminder


Happy Halloween SLNers-


For this month’s SLN update, we’re doing a quick check in with the SLN workgroups about what they’ve been up to. The SLN has an internal meeting on November 8th and 9th in Washington DC, so expect another update in November with updates then. At this meeting, we will be ratifying the organizational structure based on the recommendation of the organization committee, a goal we had set for ourselves at last year’s SLN conference in Ohio. We will also be forming action plans on the website, logo, and an assortment of other items.


If you have any questions about this meeting, please contact either Katie Arnold or John Kramer.


Policy Advocacy Workgroup:

The Policy Advocacy Workgroup is currently identifying its priorities for the congressional schedule in 2010. Its current focus is getting the word “siblings” written into the DD Act. The Policy Advocacy Workgroup also has established the first Friday of every month for our monthly sibling policy update phone call. The SLN Policy Advocacy Workgroup is currently looking for siblings interested in policy to join us.


For more information, contact: John Kramer


Research Workgroup:

The Sibling Leadership Network research committee is continuing its efforts at implementing the recommendations of the SLN white paper. In particular, members of the SLN research committee are developing papers that includes the representation of the perspectives of people with disabilities. Ann Kaiser from Tennessee and John Kramer from Massachusetts are presenting the results of both of their research studies at AUCD’s conference in Washington, DC, November 9. SLN research committee members are continuing with their research on siblings along the lifespan. For instance, Angela Dew, a PhD student at the University of Sydney, Australia, is using a life course approach in her interviews of 12 people aged 40 years and over with cerebral palsy and 17 of their non-disabled siblings about their past, current and future relationships. The aim of the study was to examine what role adult siblings play in each other’s lives as they get older and in particular once parents are no longer able to provide support. Angela’s research explores the development of co-constructed reciprocity in the relationship between the person with cerebral palsy and their non-disabled sibling/s.


For more information about Angela’s work, contact: Angela Dew


For more information about the Research Workgroup, contact: Tamar Heller or Ann Kaiser


Services and Supports Workgroup:

The Services and Supports Committee members are currently developing the 2010 SLN conference that will take place in August of 2010. This is shaping up to be a great event, so stay tuned for further information and a save the date announcement in the new year. Services and Supports members are also involved in numerous conferences coming up in the Fall on how to proactively address sibling concerns.

For more information, please contact: Tom Fish or Don Meyer





John Kramer

Steering Committee Co-Chair

The Sibling Leadership Network







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