Announcing 2017 SLN Executive Committee Elections!


Dear Sibling Leadership Network Membership,
It is time for our SLN Executive Committee Elections! This year we are accepting nominations for the following position: SLN Vice-Chair.
A description of the position is below:
SLN Vice-Chair (elected position)
The SLN Vice Chair is responsible for assisting the SLN Chair with the below duties*, in addition to the following:

  • Assuming the duties of the President in his or her absence; and
  • Promoting fundraising, community outreach, and membership growth among the chapters.

*The SLN Chair is responsible for overall direction of SLN and ensuring the SLN is in line with the mission, purpose, and values of the organization.  In addition, he or she is responsible for the following:

  • Setting the agenda for and presiding  over all Board meetings;
  • Ensuring that all committee and workgroup leadership is named and a reporting structure is developed to share information, keep committees accountable and on track;
  • Appointing Ad Hoc Committees;
  • Facilitating decision-making regarding policy and advocacy actions that are timely;
  • Representing or designating a representative for SLN; and
  • Serving as the signature authority of the SLN in accordance with Board decisions.

The Vice Chair position is a three year commitment with the first year being served in the Vice Chair role, the second year transitioning to the role of Chair, and the third year as Outgoing Chair.
Nominations are open to anyone interested—those currently involved in the SLN and those who are new to the SLN.  Nominees for these positions may or may not be siblings of people with disabilities.  Self-nominations are encouraged.  If you nominate someone else, please contact that person to make sure he/she is interested in the nomination and submits the following information. 
Please submit the following nomination information to Ed O’Neill at, by October 16, 2017:

  • Name and contact information
  • Biographical paragraph of nominee (250 words or less)
  • Statement of interest/commitment to Sibling Leadership Network (250 words or less)

This information will then be compiled into a slate of nominees and sent out to the SLN Board of Directors (BOD). Voting will take place online. The newly elected Vice Chair will be invited to attend the December 5th Board meeting in the evening via phone.  The position will officially start in the New Year.
We look forward to a bright future of leadership within the Sibling Leadership Network!

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