Celebrating Siblings: Amy and Emily’s Story

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As the holiday season is upon us, we at the Sibling Leadership Network want to take the opportunity to honor and celebrate one of the most important parts of the holidays (and every day!): family. Throughout the rest of 2017, we’ll be sharing stories from SLN Board members and representatives and their siblings with disabilities to highlight the family bond and the uniqueness of the sibling experience. Some stories will be more traditional, and some will be in a question-and-answer format (that we’ve fondly named “SibLibs,” a play on MadLibs.) We hope these stories will resonate with you, and if they do, we ask that you consider showing your support for the sibling community by making a holiday donation to the SLN. Your donations will contribute to our mission to provide siblings of individuals with disabilities the information, support, and tools to advocate with their brothers and sisters and to promote the issues important to them and their entire families. And, most importantly, your support will allow us to continue celebrating siblings each holiday season in the years to come.
Photo of siblings Amy and Emily smiling for the camera.
Without further ado, please enjoy our first SibLibs, courtesy of Amy Halm, SLN’s Project Manager, and her sister, Emily.

My sibling’s name is: Amy
My sibling is 40 or 39 years old
My sibling’s job is: At Siblings.
My sibling’s favorite food is: Is it porkchops? (Amy LOLing! It is NOT!)
My sibling laughs at: Good jokes. She has a good sense of humor.
My sibling always says: Don’t forget to brush your teeth. (This is true, but  to be fair, it is directed at my 2 children!)
My sibling’s favorite color is: Purple or Red
If my sibling had time s/he would love to: Spend time with her sister.
My sibling and I like to: Have sleepovers
I love my sibling because: She is my sister and she is easy to talk to.

My sibling’s name is: Emily
My sibling is 39 years old
My sibling’s job is: Bagger at Mariano’s
My sibling’s favorite food is: Pizza
My sibling laughs at: Knock knock jokes
My sibling always says: Don’t worry be happy
My sibling’s favorite color is: Red (This is wrong. It is “purple or Christmas colors”)
If my sibling had time s/he would love to: Go to dinner and meet new friends.
My sibling and I like to: Go shopping and go out to eat together.
I love my sibling because: She is funny, fun-loving, outgoing and… Emily chimes in ”talented and smart. I’m just trying to help you out.” I agree – she said it well. 

Today, we ask you to consider making a holiday donation to support the work of the Sibling Leadership Network. Any donation, large or small, will make a difference in the lives of siblings with disabilities.
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  • I LOVE this Sib Story. These are my fabulous daughters, Amy and Emily, who bring the best that life has to offer to every adventure, every opportunity, every community connection. How lucky could I get?!

  • This is wonderful on so many levels for me. It’s such a small world! Way back in the 80s, while attending college at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, my best friend and I befriended Emily and her best friend at the time Reuben! They were campers at a camp that we were working at. We became friends and did things together including a fun girls sleepover with Emily and a couple other girls from camp
    At our at our college apt. Emily- you look great and I hope you are happy and healthy! Amy, you are a great person 🙂 It’s amazing that through Sibnet We reconnected after so many years. I wish I could do this with and about my brother but I can’t for privacy reasons. Our circumstances are much different. But we are both siblings nonetheless! So wonderful to see you both. Much love.


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