Celebrating Siblings: Sara and Ted’s Story

Sib Stories

Photo of multigenerational family together.
by Sara Hansen
As I consider the holidays and that it means to be a sib, I cannot help but think of how blessed our family is to know and love my brother, Ted,  and each of our “typical” siblings as well. We are a sibling group of five and Ted falls smack in the middle age-wise of our motley crew, ages 40 to 23. 
For a variety of reasons, our sibling cohort hasn’t been as close as we had been previously for the last four years or so. We are now at the stage where many of us are beginning to feel the tug to be nearer once again. I am optimistic that we can once again be together under one roof on one or more holiday occasions this season.
Will everything go according to plan and be perfect? No way! Will treasured memories be made? For sure! 
My deepest wish is that sometime during the holiday season, I can see a true belly laugh and genuine smile from each of my four wonderful siblings. As we enter the season where all should feel merry and bright, I hope the simply things can be treasured and enjoyed by you and yours.

Throughout the rest of 2017, we’ll be sharing stories from SLN Board members and representatives and their siblings with disabilities to highlight the family bond and the uniqueness of the sibling experience. We hope these stories will resonate with you, and if they do, we ask that you consider showing your support for the sibling community by making a holiday donation to the SLN.
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