Resource Spotlight: Presentation on Supported Decision-Making and The Role Of Siblings


Tina Campanella, the CEO of Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities, gave a presentation on Supported Decision-Making in St. Paul, Minnesota at the 2019 Sibling Leadership Network Conference “Here. Together.”
Supported Decision-Making (SDM) is quickly becoming a preferred way of supporting adults with all types of disabilities to make decisions and retain control in their lives. Unlike guardianship, SDM provides whatever assistance people may need to make decisions in their lives without placing any limitations on their rights. The assistance needed is most often provide by family and close friends who are selected by the person because of the trusting relationships they have developed. The presentation outlined the essential elements for using SDM with attention to the requirements for the role of supporter – especially if the supporter is a sibling. It also explored the many ways people can get assistance and the most effective strategies for providing help. Additionally, there was discussion how SDM strategies can be used even if a guardianship is already in place to empower and respect the person with a disability.
Click here to view the presentation.

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  • Shawna Dellecave
    October 23, 2019 11:35 am

    This is a great presentation, thank you for sharing! I am the family advocacy director at The Council on Developmental Disabilities in Louisville, KY. Can I share this presentation with the families I serve?


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