Kindness Toward Disabled People Is More Complicated Than You Think


As siblings, most of us have witnessed a wide range of reactions to & interactions with our siblings with disabilities by people who may not be familiar with how to communicate and support them.
Rebekah Taussig, who has lived with a disability since the age of 3, shares with Time how peoples’ intended kindnesses have lead to an assortment of unintended outcomes and how that has impacted her life.
“Time and time again, people have become uncomfortable with or hostile to the stories I share about sitting on the receiving end of “kindness.” Maybe it’s because so many of us claim “kindness” as one of the most important qualities a human can possess. Disrupting our understanding of kindness is a direct threat to our sense of self and understanding of the world around us. But as a veteran Kindness Magnet, I’ve found people’s attempts to Be Kind can be anything from healing to humiliating, helpful to traumatic.”
I’ve Been Paralyzed Since I Was 3. Here’s Why Kindness Toward Disabled People Is More Complicated Than You Think

Taussig, around age 5, in Manhattan, Kans. Jess Dugan for TIME
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