Siblings Forward Seeking Participants!

Researchers at Boston University are looking for adult siblings with a family member on the autism spectrum to provide feedback on a new program!
Siblings Forward
This NIMH funded research is to develop and conduct preliminary evaluation of a program to help adult siblings of persons on the autism spectrum to work with their families to plan for the future. The Siblings FORWARD (Focusing on Relationships, Well-being, and Responsibility aheaD) program is delivered collaboratively with local Arc chapters. The program consists of 6-7 individual, personalized telehealth modules that incorporate aspects of motivational interviewing, skill-building (problem-solving and communication), and information about adult autism services and service systems. Adults on the autism spectrum can participate in two sessions. We are currently conducting a randomized controlled trial with 36 siblings, half of whom will participate in the program, and the other half of whom will be provided with online materials.
Inclusion Criteria:

  •  Siblings of adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD):
    • Have one or more adult brother(s) or sister(s) with ASD who are either biologically related and/or were raised in the same family of origin (e.g., adopted, step, or foster siblings)
    • Age 18+.
    • English fluency.
  • Adults with ASD:
    • Have an ASD diagnosis.
    • Have an adult brother/sister (i.e., a sibling).
    • Age 21+.
    • English fluency if verbal.
    • Live or receive services in Massachusetts.

Exclusion Criteria:

  •         Siblings of adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD): Siblings will be excluded if they have an ASD diagnosis themselves or if they have any disability that would interfere with their ability to engage meaningfully in future planning for the adult on the autism spectrum.
  •         Adults with ASD: lives in a state other than Massachusetts.

Participation in the Study
Potential participants will contact the research team, who will conduct a phone screen to ensure eligibility. They can email
Amount of Time needed to Participate:
Siblings will participate online measures at three time points: At the start of the study, after participating in the program or reviewing online information, and 3 months later. Surveys take 30-40 minutes. Siblings randomized to the program will participate in 6-7 online sessions over 12-14 weeks.
Check out our Sibling Research Corner.

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