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Check out these great new voting videos and resources!
Our Vote Counts is half-hour documentary about key disability issues that need exposure before the 2020 election. Created by a team of self-advocates with IDD, the film explains the needs and concerns of people with physical and intellectual disabilities and suggests important questions that viewers can ask candidates running for election.
Watching this film builds awareness of important disability related issues, like the Full Funding of IDEA Act, Social Security Income & Asset Limits, Employment First, Ending the Subminimum Wage, Medicaid Waivers for Alternative Healthcare and the Mental Incompetence Clause.

Our Vote Counts: How to use Friends Leveraging Friends to Increase Voter Turnout
The friends-leveraging-friends approach to building voter turnout is powerful, especially in communities that are traditionally underserved by traditional political campaigns.  Like voters concerned about disability issues. This 60 second PSA (Public Service Announcement) explains how people with disabilities can use this approach to make their voices heard.

Voting by mail is a great way to vote safely and early! But how does it work? Check out these new plain language resources from the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network on voting by mail.  Check out the resource here.
Check out more in our Voting Center!

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