AAIDD 145th Annual Meeting & Siblings

The AAIDD Annual Meeting is coming up and they have 3 sibling sessions!

  • The Sibling-in-Law: A Key Social Support in the Lives of Adults With IDD
  • I Found My Sibling Sister/Brother! A Study on Coping in Adult Siblings of Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Participating in a Support Group
  • A Four-Country Comparative Analysis of Future Planning Among Siblings of Individuals With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities

Find full details here: https://www.aaidd.org/education/annual-conference
AAIDD conference flyer
“The 145th AAIDD Annual Meeting will provide a lively forum for researchers, practitioners, policymakers, students, and advocates to learn about strategies and opportunities to respond to workforce challenges that have had an increased impact on people with IDD.
In the next decade, shifting demographics will result in a significant decline in the number of workers in the US and globally.  While this will present challenges, it also provides opportunities.  We seek innovative, evidence-based proposals in the areas of research, policy and practice that explore emerging workforce trends.  Topics may encompass diversity/equity/inclusion in employment, the potential of technology to deliver services and supports while enhancing independence, public financing of supports, lessons learned during COVID 19, and proven strategies for attracting and retaining a talented workforce.
AAIDD members have been leaders at the cutting edge of ground-breaking research, practice, and policy in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities for over a century. AAIDD continues to be the leading interdisciplinary professional organization in intellectual and developmental disabilities. The 145the annual meeting will continue this tradition by providing conference attendees with cutting edge information on research, effective practices, and policy initiatives that support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.”
And don’t forget, the SLN’s 2021 conference is coming up too! Get all the details here: https://siblingleadership.org/media-library/pressroom/past-conferences/2021-sln-conference/

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