The Countdown to National Siblings Day Has Begun!

The Countdown to National Siblings Day has begun! Saturday, April 10th is National Siblings day! We put together a toolkit to help you prepare to spread the word! How are you planning to celebrate? Share with us below!
Please use our National Siblings Day 2021 Toolkit to help spread the word and support the sibling movement on this year’s National Siblings Day 2021!

Example Social Media Post (graphic and text):

Happy National Siblings Day! 

On April 10th we join the Sibling Leadership Network to celebrate and support the important and unique role that siblings of individuals with disabilities have! National Siblings Day is also a day designated to celebrate the sibling relationship and reflect on the experience of having brothers and sisters in our lives.

Brothers and sisters of people with disabilities often have the longest relationships of their lives with each other. Siblings often become the next generation of caregivers when parents are unable to provide care. Even though siblings have unique roles and are likely future caregivers, the needs and perspectives of siblings are often overlooked. By addressing the needs of siblings, their brothers and sisters with disabilities will have better outcomes. The Sibling Leadership Network provides information and support to siblings of people with disabilities across the lifespan.

How you can take action and support siblings:

    • Participate in the 2021 SLN Conference on June 18th & 19, 2021:
    • Educate yourself about the sibling experience:
    • Share this post! Spread the word about the sibling experience with the hashtag #siblingsupport2021
    • Post a sibling selfie and share with us what sibling support means to you with the hashtag #siblingsupport2021
    • Have a conversation with a sibling you know about how their sibling has impacted their life
    • Join or start an SLN state chapter in your state:
    • Donate to the Sibling Leadership Network:

National Siblings Day 2021 Toolkit


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