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Did you know that the Sibling Leadership Network has state chapters in 26 states?

State chapters provide information, resources, and networking opportunities for adult siblings of individuals with disabilities. All chapters believe that siblings deserve opportunities for support and understanding, as well as information and tools to advocate for their interests and the needs of their brothers and sisters with disabilities.

“I started attending annual sibling conferences hosted by our TN Sibling Leadership Network chapter (TN Adult Brothers and Sisters, or “TABS”) when I was in college about a decade ago. Those events were so meaningful to me because I got to know siblings of people with disabilities across the lifespan. Hearing their stories—especially those siblings who were older than me—helped me better understand what I might expect in the future in supporting my younger brother with autism and other disabilities. Fast forward, I now help lead TABS, and I find it so valuable to connect with other siblings through opportunities like our monthly virtual chats during the pandemic. Talking with other siblings through our chapter activities is comforting, encouraging and makes me feel less alone.” –Emma Shouse, Tennessee Adult Brothers and Sisters (TABS)

In 2022:

  • 10+ chapters will offer informational events and social peer support events for adult siblings of people with disabilities
  • At least 6 chapters will develop new information and resources for siblings
  • At least 5 chapters will train parents, professionals and other community members about issues that impact siblings of people with disabilities
  • At least 4 chapters will promote Sibshops for young siblings
  • At least 4 chapters will host events for siblings AND their brother or sister with disabilities
  • At least 4 chapters will coordinate policy advocacy efforts among their members
  • At least 2 chapters will offer leadership, advocacy, and public policy trainings
  • At least 1 chapter will offer events for teenage siblings of people with disabilities

State chapters are one of the many ways that the SLN works to promote a broad network of siblings who share the experience of disability and people concerned with sibling issues by connecting them to social, emotional, governmental, and provisional supports across the lifespan, enabling them to be effective advocates with their brother and sister, and to serve as change agents for themselves and their families

If you are looking to join a community of fellow siblings and their families, looking for resources and information sharing specific to your state, consider joining your state chapter. No chapter in your state? If you are interested in developing one use our Contact Form to get in touch.

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