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SLN PODCAST #11 Diverse Sibling Stories

In this special National Siblings Day 2022 episode we hear the diverse stories of 3 siblings with very different backgrounds and explore how peer support has played a vital role in their sibling journeys.
We are joined by SLN’s Board of Directors Chair, Shawnnita Buckner, SLN’s Board of Directors Secretary, Stephanie Lanham and Co-Founder of Saarthi sibling support group, Piyush Mishra.
Access the transcript of this episode here.

The beautiful people that I’ve met have introduced me to organizations that I serve on today, and they provide refuge in an overwhelming world. -Stephanie Lanham

In this episode:

  • Introductions: 00:00:52
  • Siblings’ stories: 00:04:33
  • The impact of being a sibling of color: 00:17:57
  • Meeting another sib for the first time: 00:26:46
  • The role of peer support: 00:31:48
  • Impact of the pandemic on peer support: 00:37:21
  • Hopes of the future: 00:43:42
  • Celebrating National Siblings Day: 00:45:11
  • National Siblings Day events information: 00:47:26

Being a person of color and kind of navigating through this journey of being a sibling was difficult. I didn’t have those sibling relationships that I now know that are so very important in life. -Shawnnita Buckner

Some resources discussed in this episode are:

The pandemic really helped us in building the community and getting out the name of siblings in the disability circles in India…but when the second wave of COVID hit in India, it was extremely devastating. -Piyush Mishra

Whether I’m venting, crying or sharing a success story, having that support is just so important and impactful in my life. -Shawnnita Buckner

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