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SLN’s Get to know is a new series designed to give you a look into SLN State Chapters; what they do, how they function and what it’s like! We’re continuing this month with our New York chapter, SibsNY.

What’s been your biggest recent success over the past couple years?

One of SibsNY’s goals is to help bring information to more siblings in New York as well as provide information to those you want to support siblings of people with disabilities. As New York City is a very large city, SibsNy created Borough Representatives so that siblings in each borough (there are 5 Boroughs) could hear about information and support closer to home! We also realized that it was hard for siblings to always commute to the common grounds of Manhattan to meet up and wanted to start creating meetups within the five boroughs. The representatives took on the responsibility of organizing events in their borough as well as helping to seek out Borough Specific information! Unfortunately, the pandemic happened shortly after and meet ups ceased to exist. Since connection and information was still needed we decided to meet over Zoom! It has been very successful! Siblings from all across New York State are now able to meet up together in one convenient spot! During this time, we realized that our communities were eager to understand what it was like to be a sibling of someone with disabilities. Now with the capability of Zoom, and having become comfortable using it during the height of the pandemic, SibsNY created a ‘Presentation Team’ in order to create presentations that could be shared to anyone who was interested in learning about the needs of siblings and the support available to siblings and their families. We created a very basic presentation and included support available to siblings at all different stages of their life. We created the presentation with the idea that any presenter was then able to take the presentation and edit it to personalize it. This was a really nice initiative that came out of navigating supporting our community through a pandemic!

What’s one event or activity you’re most looking forward to this year?

We are eager to get back to organizing meetups again! We would like to plan a social meetup for the fall as we have all been looking forward to being together again and socializing. Although Zoom is great and we will continue to use it, in person connections have always been the most rewarding and fun! SibsNY is also looking forward to supporting the initiatives of the Sibling Leadership Network! SibsNY is grateful for their guidance in supporting siblings and their families!

How can people stay in touch with TABS and updated on what you are doing?

Currently, the best way to keep in touch is through our Facebook page (SibsNY), Meetup page (SibsNY) or Twitter. To be added to electronic mailings, or needing support, please email We look forward to hearing from you!

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