“Pieces: My Sister, Her Autism, and Me” – A Book by Sibling Jacqueline Moreno


Pieces - Jacqueline Moreno
Jaqueline and Jessica Moreno are sisters born less than two years apart who have developed a truly extraordinary relationship. At two years old, Jessica was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as “nonverbal” and “low-functioning,” shaking their family’s world and changing the course of history for them, their younger brother, and their parents forever. Pieces: My Sister, Her Autism, and Me offers a glimpse at Jaqueline’s own journey as Jessica’s sister, chronicling her childhood, adolescence, and adulthood through her feelings of resentment, confusion, inspiration, and love that ultimately shaped her passion and purpose in life. Filled with original poetry, diary entries, and honest and raw narrative insights into the complex but rewarding relationship facing most Siblings of brothers and sisters with disabilities, Pieces illustrates the deeply emotional connection that binds these two young women, and stands as a tribute to the inherent beauty of Sibling relationships.
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