Supporting and Empowering our Families: Using Charting the LifeCourse

Please join us for this post-conference session on June 23rd as part of the 2021 8th National Sibling Leadership Network Conference!
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June 23 (Wednesday) 4-6pmPT/5-7pmMT/6-8pmCT/7-9pmET

Supporting and Empowering our Families: Using Charting the LifeCourse

The Charting the LifeCourse (CtLC) framework and tools were developed by and for people with disabilities and families. You can use the tools to organize thoughts, identify a vision and goals, as well as problem solve, plan and advocate. The panel will share some common tools and resources, provide guidance on how to use them, and share personal stories of use and impact. The tools and resources support person centered thinking which is the focus and outcome of all service systems and can be used by ALL people and families, regardless of age or ability. The resources and tools also assist professionals in their roles to support and empower people and families: discover information, plan, coordinate, identify supports and communicate effectively and efficiently.
You will leave with tools to use, resources to support you, and functional practical ideas to support everyone.

  • Facilitator: Barbara Sapharas, Nisonger Center-The Ohio State University, Charting the LifeCourse Nexus Team Member-Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC)
  • Panelists: Steve Beha, Lynne Calloway, and Emma Shouse Garton

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