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SLN Podcast #8 Juggling Multiple Caregiver Roles

Check out our new podcast! Episode #8 Juggling Multiple Caregiver Roles

In this episode we discuss some challenges and resources for siblings taking on multiple caregiving roles with Director of the Sibling Support Project, Emily Holl and Dr. Meghan Burke from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Transcript for this episode

Resources mentioned in this episode:
SLN’s January 2022 SIBPOSIUM 1/24/22
Sibling Support Project
BIPOC Sibling Roundtable Series
SLN COVID-19 Resource Center
SLN Caregiving Resources page

You can stream this episode on any of these platforms:

Check out the SLN Podcast’s past episodes.

Find more on on our Caregiving Resources page.

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