Weekend Reads: Intersection of Disability and Race


As we head into the weekend, the Sibling Leadership Network is excited to announce a new series: Weekend Reads!
What is Weekend Reads? Simply put, each month the SLN will compile articles and resources around a central theme relevant to siblings and their families.

Packed weekend? Don’t worry. Weekend Reads will be here when you’re ready, regardless of the day.

We’re kicking off this series by focusing in on the intersection of disability and race, in recognition of Black History Month. Below you’ll find a compilation of articles, resources and stories written by advocates and self-advocates. To expand the inclusion and diversity of the sibling community, it is important to acknowledge and understand the ways in race and disability are linked.

Sibling Support Project | BIPOC Sibling Roundtables
From November 18, 2020 to May 18, 2021, the Sibling Support Project hosted, in partnership with Special Needs Siblings and the Sibling Leadership Network, a groundbreaking series of BIPOC Sibling Roundtables. Featuring the voices, insights, perspectives and stories of Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color who have brothers and sisters with disabilities, the series was created to expand the inclusion and diversity of the sibling support community.
Watch the archived recordings

Disability & Philanthropy Forum | Intersections Between Racism and Ableism
The Disability & Philanthropy Forum created a resource library offering insights and resources to better understand the strong connections between racism and ableism.
View Resource Library

The Atlantic | ‘YOU HAVE TO SCREAM OUT’ Being Black and disabled is a constant struggle.
“I became an advocate not because I wanted to but because I had to, to survive,” Miles told me. “I was not very outspoken at all. But if you’re trying to get home and the bus keeps passing you up because you’re in a wheelchair, you have to scream out.”
Read article

See you next month for our second Weekend Reads!

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